Credit Cards

Following the success of marbles, HFC Bank is launching a programme with two of their top Affinity cards, under the Beneficial brand: the RSPCA Platinum MasterCard and Hilton HHonors® Platinum Credit Card. For every approved RSPCA Platinum MasterCard application, the RSPCA will receive a GBP15 contribution from Beneficial, followed by further contributions with continued card use. The Hilton HHonors®Platinum Credit Card enables customers to collect HHonors® points, which can be redeemed for discounts on hotel stays and many other leisure and travel benefits.




Marbles has great introductory rates and applicants usually get an online decision in just 60 seconds! Customers can manage their account online 24 hours a day or take advantage of our safe online Shopping Promise and free Internet Delivery Insurance. But it's not all virtual, they still get a statement through the post every month and can call our 24hr customer service line. are the UK's largest independent online price comparison calculator for gas, electricity, digital television and home telephone. Users provide details of their current suppliers & shows them how much they could save and encourages them to switch suppliers online. is the UK’s market leader in the provision of credit files and personal information to consumers. It offers the most comprehensive online access to information held about any individual. In addition to credit files it provides, amongst other things, credit scores, neighbourhood demographics, vehicle data and a unique range of groundbreaking Identity Theft Protection products.


Monitor your credit file with all 3 UK agencies


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